The “violin man” in Neive

The violin man outside Al Palazzo Rosso

Neive has no doubt its charm. When you walk through one of the two gates to the old center you immediately feel that you go many years back in time. The beautiful historical building, the locals that meet and talk together several times during the day.

From time to time, we also have the “Violin man” playing outside our hotel on Piazza Italia – the main square in Neive. The other day I took this picture of him taken from the balcony in Room 1.  

You are never sure about what you can explore in Neive. Apart from many daily funny moments – like the violin man – there are often organised markets or small town events on the main squares.

I also think a stroll though Neive – should it be during day time or in the evening – is very relaxing and inspiring.

Neive is for sure a place to visit – not only for the food and wine – but also for unforgettable moments.