La cantinetta di Barun

“La cantinetta di Barun”.

We have for years talked about having our own wine bar and wine shop in connection with Al Palazzo Rosso, and finally in September 2021 we opened “la cantinetta di Barun” located on the street level on Piazza Italia.

We want to make a place that are different. The aim is to not only present the wines from Ca’Barun but also important wines from local wine producers. It is small cozy place where people gathers and enjoy and learn about wines.

We organize wine tastings with different interesting themes such as “The less known red wines from Piedmont”, “Barbaresco versus Barolo”, “The upcoming grapes”, “Tour di Nebbiolo” etc. Local wine producers are coming and presenting their wines. 

The room is not big – but we think it is cozy and charming. Apart from staying in the main room guests are welcome to visit the “hidden cave”.

You will find wine from +50 different wine producers all carefully selected. Two of the criteria’s for choosing the wine producers are that they have a story to tell and that they are producing wines in an environment sustainable way.

To accompanying the wines, we will of course serve some specialties from some carefully selected local food producers.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to “La cantinetta di Barun” – which means “The Baron’s small wine cellar” and enjoy a glass of wine together with you!

You find the “La cantinetta di Barun” on Piazza Italia 6 in Neive.